Saturday, March 6, 2010

"Reproductive Health is Abortion"

No photoReproductive health is abortion
A LAW EACH DAY (Keeps Trouble Away) By Jose C. Sison Updated May 18, 2009 12:00 AM

Our legislators should be convinced by now to push aside and junk the pending RH Bill. Otherwise they will appear to have been deceived or pressured on a grand scale by foreign countries and international organizations; or blinded by the piercing glitter of gold.

The deception and meddling into the internal affairs of our nation for the passage of this bill have not ceased. Lately, the head of the delegation of the European Commission (EC) to the Philippines, a certain Alistair MacDonald even had the gall to link the increased foreign aid of the European nations to the bill’s passage and to chide our legislators for failing to pass it, calling the “provision of effective and accessible reproductive health services a responsibility of the State towards the people of the Philippines”.

If only to show these people and the rest of the world that they have to respect our sovereignty as a nation, this RH bill should be thrown to the wastebasket right away. For indeed the bill is nothing but stinking garbage.

The foreign funded NGOs and the UNFPA which actually crafted the bill and its sponsors in both houses of Congress should stop insisting that reproductive health services and programs “provide access to safe, effective, affordable and acceptable methods of family planning and prevent abortion”. This is a big lie.

UN Committees and NGOs as well as US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton have openly admitted and included abortion within the term reproductive health. Recently Clinton told US Congress that the Obama administration regards the term “reproductive health to include women’s rights to safe abortion”. MacDonald of the EC tried to fudge the issue with his statement that the “lack of an effective framework for reproductive health is the cause of illegal abortion”—thereby indirectly admitting that the adoption of a framework for reproductive health will result in the legalization of abortion.

But whether abortion is “legal” which also means “safe”, or “illegal” which is the other term for “unsafe”, it is still undeniably taking the life or killing a helpless, innocent and unborn child. This is a crime in our jurisdiction and contrary to the very provision of ourConstitution mandating the State to “protect the life of the unborn from conception”. MacDonald and company who are pushing for the passage of the RH bill are therefore not only intruding into our sovereignty but even telling our legislators to violate our own constitution when they advocate that the State should provide for “effective and accessible reproductive health services”.

The hidden agenda of US and other European countries are now exposed. They are pushing for this RH bill to make investments on the contraceptive industry more profitable which is possible only if abortion is legalized as it is in their jurisdictions.

In the US the grimmer news is that Obama, after consulting his astrologer and seeing that the “stars are aligned” like the Nazi leaders Himmler, Hess and Hitler, recently announced that he would like to push his administration’s Nazi style overhaul of the US health care services.

The news reminded me of this e-mail sent by a certain Ms. Lacy Dodd, a member of Notre Dame Class of 1999 in America. This is her story and it depicts Obama’s America today.

“For many members of the Notre Dame class of 2009, the uproar surrounding the University’s decision to honor Barack Obama with this year’s commencement address and to bestow on him a doctorate of laws has provoked strong feelings about what the ensuing conflict will mean for their graduation.

I know how they feel. Ten years ago, my heart was filled with similar conflicts as we came closer to the day of my own Notre Dame commencement.

You see, I was three months pregnant.

That March I had gone alone to a local woman’s clinic to take a test. The results were positive, and I was so numb I almost didn’t grasp what the nurse was getting at when she assured me I had “other options”. What did “other options” mean? And what kind of world is it that defines compassion as telling a young woman who has just learned she is carrying life inside her that she has the option to destroy it?

When I returned to the campus, I ran to the Grotto. I was confused and full of conflicting emotions. But I knew this. No amount of shame or embarrassment would ever lead me to get rid of my baby. Of all women, Our Lady could surely feel pity for an unplanned pregnancy. I recalled her surrendered love to God’s invitation to become the home of the Incarnate Word. ‘Let it be done to me according to thy word”, she said. In my hour of need, on my knees, I asked Mary for courage and strength. And she did not disappoint.

My boyfriend was a different story. He was also a Notre Dame senior. When I told him he was to be a father, he tried to pressure me into having an abortion. Like so many women in similar circumstances, I found out the kind of man the father of my child was at precisely the moment I needed him most. “All that talk about abortion is just dining room talk” he said. “When it’s really you in the situation, it’s different. I will drive you to Chicago and pay for a good doctor”.

I tried telling him this was not an option. He said he was pro-choice. I responded by informing him that my choice was life. And I learned, as so many pregnant women have before and since, that life is the one choice that pro-choicers won’t support….

Notre Dame is a special place, but it is not immune to the realities of modern life. There are students who face unplanned pregnancies, and most tragically—women who think their only option is abortion… On campuses all across this country, abortion is the status quo.

There have been many things written about the honors to be extended to President Obama. I’d like to ask this of Fr. John Jenkins, the Notre Damepresident: Who draws support from your decision to honor President Obama—the young, pregnant Notre Dame woman sitting in that graduating class who wants desperately to keep her baby, or the Notre Dame man who believes that the Catholic teaching on the intrinsic evil of abortion is just dining room talk?”

Our legislators should therefore finally realize that reproductive health is the guise used by Obama for promoting abortion here and in other countries.